Friday, December 18, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I have found my calling in life. Photography. Daddy let me play with the camera this afternoon and I took some great pictures if I do say so myself! Here are some:

Warm Beach

Last Saturday night Mommy and Daddy drove me a long way away to a place called Warm Beach. Although I don't know why it is called Warm was COLD!! (below freezing)

Mommy and Daddy bundled me up and they got all bundled up too and we got out of the car. We all walked and bought tickets, then we got to walk around this place. There were so so so so many Christmas lights (over a million). They had really pretty scenes, like a sun set, and a beehive with lots of Christmas lights for the bees! We stopped and watched the polar express move by, I of course waved to everyone on the train. I got to eat a hot dog there with dip-dip sauce (ketchup). Then we walked around some more. I saw a snow man, and I got so excited I accidentally called out Mommy's name, she didn't really seem happy about that. Then when we were at the petting zoo I got really excited about the llama and called out Daddy's name this time. (Mommy really laughed at that one) After that we drove home and it was bed time. All in all it was a pretty good night!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Another small victory in my life. Mommy decided that instead of fighting me and telling me 'no' all the time, she will allow me to touch the pretty balls on the Christmas tree with one finger. This is something that I can work with! I still get in trouble if I touch with my whole hand, or try to grab it off the tree. But I can walk around the tree as much as I like and touch each and every pretty ball that I can long as it is with one finger!