Sunday, February 28, 2010

No picture necessary

This blog has no picture to go with it because there isn't one necessary. Today, when I was supposed to be napping, I was doing something else instead. Since last night I have had a pretty bad diaper rash. I don't usually get these things, so I'm not used to them at all. When my Mommy and Daddy put me down for nap today they didn't know that I had to go poo-poo still. And after I went while I was in my crib, it hurt because of my diaper rash. So I took my clothes off to get a better look, and then I took my diaper off to get a better look too! That stuff kept getting all over my hands so I had to keep wiping it off me on to my crib and blankets. By the time Daddy came up to save me it was all over the place.

Anyway after that I got to have a nice long bubble bath with lots of toys. Mommy and Daddy cleaned my room very well. And when I got back there were some things missing, and the washer was running, but for the most part it was good as new.

I heard Mommy and Daddy say that from now on they will put me down for my nap in a onesie.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This weekend I helped Mommy and Daddy do some of the housework. I love pushing the vacuum around. Boy that thing is heavy though. In every room after Mommy or Daddy got done vacuuming, then it was my turn. I really liked seeing the lines that it made on the carpet.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunny Spring

This weekend it was so nice and sunny Mommy took me to the park! There were a lot of other kids there my age, and I really had a good time playing with them! This picture of me is on the big kid slide that twisted all around. At first I needed some help getting down it, but after a few times I got the hang of it!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Daddy Time!

I had a good time with Daddy today! We got out some new play dough and play dough accessories! It was a lot of fun! There is an octopus that can grow hair! It is fun to see him with the different colors of hair! I really have a lot of fun learning how to use all the different toys that go along with the play dough.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day

Last week we had a Valentine's Day party at day care! I had so much fun! I have never had this much sugar in my life! Mommy brought cookies for the party, and some other people brought crackers, and juice, and snacks for us to have too. I drew some pretty pictures and we played some fun party games. There was a chocolate fondu fountain (!!!!!!!) and we all exchanged valentines day cards. Mommy managed to sneak all of the candy out of my card bag and hide it somewhere. I got to dress up in a pretty dress for the party. Mommy tried to take some pictures of me in the morning-before the dress got all messed up at the party-but it was very early in the morning, and before breakfast for me! So the picture isn't my very best!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Last weekend Mommy and Daddy had a Superbowl party at our house. Even though people kept looking at the TV most of the time I think I was the real hit of the party! I had on a cute WA Husky cheerleader uniform for the occasion (Mommy knew that they weren't playing in the game, but she thought it would be appropriate all the same). I had a lot of fun and I sat for a long time and enjoyed some snacks during the game. The best part, however, was at the end of the night when Mommy served brownies for everyone! I even got to have one! There are just a few crumbs left on my face in this picture....