Wednesday, July 28, 2010

After a rough week of potty training my mommy needed a break, so I sent her to San Francisco to visit Nana and Papa. She also is going to visit some friends. With mommy gone Daddy and I are sending a whole lot of time together. Its been great!

We got to have Daddy-Daughter breakfast which I have not had all summer because Daddy is always sleeping. It was really good. Then we spent the morning being lazy (Daddy is pretty tired) and watching movies on Daddy's lap, the best seat in the house.

After nap Daddy took me to the lake. It was so much fun I loved the sand and we even went way out to where Daddy could not touch. I meet a few friends my age but I was the only one who did not need a lifejacket because I am a very good swimmer. After the water got cold we played on the beach but I got hungry so we headed home.

After showers and popcorn I asked Daddy to watch "Toys." Finally, Daddy figured out that I wanted to watch Toy Story. I think this is my favorite movie.

I can't wait to find out what Daddy has planned for tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks for letting your mom come visit us, BabyStitches. It was fun to see her again. BTW, Toy Story is one of my favorite movies, too.
    Love, Nana