Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So today I had to go to the doctor's office. I really hate that place. Although to give them some credit they didn't poke me with anything sharp this time! They did try to look in my ears and use a shiny thing to listen to me breath. I didn't fall for it though! I did my best to not let them touch me! The other good thing about going to the doctor office this time was I got to step on the big girl scale instead of sitting on the one on the table. I weighed 25 lbs!

The doctor told my Daddy that I have something called croup. I don't know what it is, I only know that I really don't feel very good at all. I didn't fall asleep until really late last night (1 am) and my Mommy seems more tired than usual today too..maybe she is sick too! My parents messed with my crib last night so it is tilted. It looks really weird, but it seems to help me sleep. I heard Mommy say she would try anything!

I'm trying my hardest to get better before Thanksgiving so that I can go down and see people!


  1. Croup is no fun! You need to get better fast!

  2. Poor A! I'm so sorry you don't feel good. Hope you're better soon!