Sunday, January 3, 2010

Brief Hiatus

I am returning after a brief hiatus due to the recent understand. We have had a busy few weeks around here! First of all Mommy and Daddy have both been home for two whole weeks now! So we got to do some really fun things together.

The most important of these fun things was that Santa came to our house! I was not familiar with this person up until now. However he is now in my top 3 favorite people. He
brought me a Dora the Explorer vanity with a hair dryer! There was also a stroller for baby and my very own camera. Then right after Santa came I drove with Mommy and Daddy down to Grandma and Grandpa's house and I got to
open even more presents! After we opened those presents we got on an airplane and went to see Nana and Gran
dpa in California. I had a real good time there! I got to run around and play with all my new presents there too! (Talk about over stimulation!)

At Nana and Grandpa's house by the ocean I got to go outside on l
ots of adventures. When Mommy and Daddy tried to take me on walks I was appalled at how much dirt was on the ground and I kept trying to sweep it off with my hands.

One time Uncle Scott and Nana took me down to the beach to teach me how to throw some rocks in the ocean. The water was COLD! I kept signing to them just how cold it
was! Uncle Scott would hold me upside down so I could
stick my finger tips in the water. I was in this position when the giant wave came. Uncle Scott saved me from getting wet by holding me up really high. However Nana and Uncle Scott were not so lucky and were very very wet.

There was only one low point in the trip. This happened coming home from Nana and Grandpa's house by the ocean. I got car sick all over Grandpa's car. He says that he still loves me though.

Mommy and Daddy told me over and over again how great I was the whole trip, especially both times on the airplanes. I think that I did a good job too, and it might be worth being a good girl every time I go down there.

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  1. You were such a good girl, BabyStitches! Please come back again soon. Love, Nana